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Langford Canoe - Heritage 16′
Langford Canoe - Heritage 16′
Langford Canoe - Heritage 16′

    Langford Canoe - Heritage 16′

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      Due to continuing popularity the Heritage can still be ordered.
      The Algonquin Heritage 16′ is the original Langford Canoe. This exceptional craft was lovingly recreated to celebrate our 70th year in 2010. The Beautiful “Plank and Rib” Red Cedar canoe has been fashioned on a painstakingly refurbished original 1940’s circa mould. Originally limited to a production of just 70 canoes the Algonquin Heritage 16′ offers the true enthusiast a chance to recapture a piece of Canadian History with. The massive recurve stems, pronounced “tumble-home” and gunwales set this wonderful design apart, and immediately trigger memories of yesteryear.

      Designed with definite purpose in mind the Algonquin Heritage 16′ was/is a true work horse, shaped to carry paddler and gear across all sizes of lakes in all types of weather. The deep hull, clean lines and increasing rocker allow this 16 footer to move quickly and respond well whether being paddled empty or loaded. The Western Red Cedar Planks contrast sharply against the clear Eastern White Cedar Ribbing as does the Solid White Ash-Inwales, paired to the beautiful Antique-Mahogany-Outwales. Over 2000 brass tacks shine through the hull’s mirror polished low maintenance epoxy skin. With time each unique Red Cedar plank will darken which dramatically alters the look of the canoe as it ages.

      An heirloom to be passed on to future generations the Algonquin has been constructed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

      This watercraft symbolises everything that Langford Canoe has stood for, over the last 70 years.




      Length 16'
      Depth 13.5"
      Capacity 700 lbs.
      Beam 34″
      Weight 56 lbs.
      Rocker NA